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Why Online Coaching

Since online coaching can be taken any time & anywhere, scheduling your study time is flexible. There is no commuting involved and you can finish your other work and take the classes whenever you are free. Online exam preparation helps you cover your syllabus whenever you are free within the time available. It also has an option to include or remove weekends. Online coaching lets you prepare for your exams in a calm and comfortable environment, right from the comfort of your home or office. There is no distraction, which helps you focus better. The online Mock tests and study material can be accessed with just a simple click.

Nuclear Online Coaching


  • Saves your traveling time.
  • provide you personal mentorship on your weak areas
  • help you analyze your weak areas / topics and work on them
  • provide personal attention in an interactive manner
  • provide you good number of questions to practice and guide you on strategic approach

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Nuclear Live

Nuclear Live automatically captures every lecture using smartphones, making those recordings a part of the class notes - which can be easily shared and enhanced by students. You can get Lecture Schedule, in the batch calendar below. This calendar will give you a complete details of all the live lectures that are already uploaded or to be held. You can watch these lectures by clicking the link given in it or even on our android app. Students can have all their lectures and notes in their pocket or in a browser - available anytime, anywhere.

Lecture Calendar for 12th Batch 2019 - Connaught Place Branch - Nuclear Academy

Today’s classroom already extends beyond the classroom walls. From flipped classrooms to remote learning, students are engaging with learning material far away from the lecture hall. As a generation raised on YouTube, they go to video first for their answers. Tomorrow’s classroom will need to put every class, every lecture right at their fingertips. Classroom capture makes this a reality.

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Nuclear Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Programme caters the need of those students who are not able to join classes due to economic or family reason but have ardent desire. Simultaneously, it also suits to the need of working professionals, who are unable to join regular classes due to increase in work load or places of their posting.

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